Music and Joy

Coming soon: Reading Music With Mozart 3!!!


I am very grateful for your support in helping me edit, my new sheets of music. With your support, you are helping with the editing of music teaching materials.
If you agree, we will include your name or that of your company in the books' acknowledgements, where I will offer special thanks.

Upcoming projects:

- Reading music with Mozart 3. Music theory book (English)
- Card game (English)
- Színes dallamok hangszerekre 2. Exercise book (Hungarian)
- Színes dallamok zongorára 1. Music sheet for beginners for piano (Hungarian)

Editing costs approximately 4,000 Euros per book. If you would like to offer yoursupport, you can transfer any amount, to this bank account:
All donations are received with thanks!

Please write to me, specifying which edition you would like to support. As soon as we have received the books, I will send you some copies.